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24 hour alarm monitoring


The installation of an alarm system is a vital investment in the protection of families, property, plant and assets. When you combine this investment with an alarm monitoring service you can turn your alarm into an even more effective security system.

By law, an alarm can sound for up to two minutes, but after this it must shutdown. What a monitored alarm provides is a continuous record of conditions at your property. Any change in conditions is immediately transmitted to the central station and the appropriate
response initiated.

It is only a matter of seconds from the alarm being activated to a response being initiated by the alarm station monitoring the system from intruder / burglar alarms, personal attack and duress alarms, power failures and electrical faults to equipment breakdowns and a range of emergency situations from fire to flooding.


The Next Level  

Fratech Multipath & T4000 is designed in Australia by the Inner Range Company and will interface with all widely used alarm panels supplied in Australia by all manufacturers.

Fratech utilises all wireless networks for GPRS services including Optus, Telstra and Telstra Next G and Vodafone networks. These are used for Primary services and as the backup or secondary path for Class 3 services and to achieve the Class 4 and Class 5 services using Ethernet as the primary path.

Services Offered:

  • Class 2 - 60 Minute Polling Supervision

  • Class 3 - 120 Second Polling Supervision

  • Class 4 - 60 Second Polling Supervision

  • Class 5 - 20 Seconding Polling Supervision

  • Plans

  • GPRS

  • Ethernet/GPRS

  • Ethernet/Dual GPRS

  • Ethernet

Contact our technical sales consulatnts for more information on the Multipath IP product. 

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