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Fire Audits & Compliance 

Early detection of a fire can save lives and your livelihood. At Group Fire & Safety we can provide a comprehensive risk assessment and design, engineer and install a cost effective fire system that is best suited to your property, situation and meets with full compliance to Local, State and National legislation and to Australian Standards, OH&S and the Building Code of Australia that govern fire systems.


We can certify and maintain the following systems to the Australian Standard

  • Commercial Electronic smoke detection systems

  • Multi - Residential smoke interconnected smoke detection systems AS3786 

  • Evacuation and Occupant warning systems 

  • Exit and emergency lighting 

  • Wet fire sprinkler systems 

  • Portable fire extinguishers

  • Passive fire protection 

Contact us for a maintenance  contract proposal for your premises or if you have received a fire order. 


Note: We do not certify systems on an adhoc basis you must have a current maintenance contract. 


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