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Intruder alarms

Group Security Solutions intruder alarm systems are designed for a variety of applications from domestic and small retail stores to high-end security systems for government and financial institutions.

Many high-end security systems can be integrated with access control and lighting systems if required. Nearly all intruder alarm systems now have a digital dialer fitted which can be programmed for personal or central station monitoring in the event of an alarm condition.

Using specific application movement detectors, properly chosen, greatly reduce false alarm situations. Other detection devices can be fitted to the intruder alarm system such as door / window contacts, glass breaks and vibration sensors.

Enquire a design a custom intruder alarm solution.

We recommend the following systems based upon the application 

  • Innerrange Concept 4000 - Government, Commercial, Industrial and Residential 

  • Innerrange Integriti - Government, Commercial, Industrial and Residential 

  • Innerrange Inception - Commercial, Industrial and Residential 

  • Tecom Challenger - Government, Commercial, Industrial and Residential 

  • Paradox Security Systems - Commercial and Residential 

  • NX Reliance System - Commercial and Residential 

  • Bosch Solution Systems - Commercial and Residential 

Contact our technical sales staff for a complete proposal. 

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