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Fire Detection 

A well designed fire detection system is designed to detect fire and combustible materials , which will signal an early warning alert system to occupants of commercial and residential premises. 

Group Fire & Safety has over 20 years experience in designing, implementing and maintaining various electronic detection systems,we look at each installation as unique and choose the appropriate type and brand of equipment to minimise false brigade calls and provide an effective detection system. 

Our technicians have experience with the following conventional and addressable equipment 

  • Inertia / Notifier Alarm systems 

  • Vesda aspirated detection system 

  • Brooks fire detection system

  • Pertronics Fire system 

  • Ampac (Firefinder and Xpander)

  • Wormalds fire alarm system

  • Flamestop detection systems 

Contact us if you require service calls, repairs or programming services. 

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