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Risk Management

Risk management underpins all security strategies and frameworks (including the new Commonwealth Protective Security Policy Framework) and is the key driver in determining the most appropriate security overlay. Group Security offers significant expertise in the area of security risk management. Group’s risk methodologies are consistent with the Australian Risk Standards ISO31000:2009 and the Security Risk Handbook HB169:2006, and its risk products provide a clear and concise risk overview.

Group personnel are highly experienced in threat based risk management having undertaken security risk assessments for a number of nationally significant and iconic establishments for both the State and Federal Governments, and for the diplomatic community. Outcomes of these assessments were integral in informing the security arrangements at these sites and was the basis by which security measures were implemented and managed.

Using risk as the cornerstone of its vast array of services allows Group to deliver products that are well thought out and robust. Through its well tested risk processes Group offers a complete solution in risk mitigation, from risk identification to fully integrated risk treatment solutions. Group works closely with the client to ensure it’s risk outcomes accurately address client needs.

Case Study

Physical Security, Risk Assessment & Project Management 

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
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