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Biometric facial recognition

Traditionally, identity verification has relied on something you know, such as a password, or something you have, such as a card or pin access device. Biometrics is unique in that it is based on the physical characteristics of an individual – i.e. something you are. Biometric facial recognition is just one type of biometrics identification.

Other types include iris scanning, fingerprint, and voice recognition. Given that portrait photos are already part of the current identification system for photo cards, it is simple to merge this with a biometric access system. 


A Biometric facial recognition system is a computer program that mainly uses the following techniques:

  • Facial geometry: uses geometrical characteristics of the face. May use several cameras to get better accuracy (2D, 3D…)

  • Skin pattern recognition (Visual skin print)

  • Facial thermogram: uses an infrared camera to map the face temperatures


To prevent a fake face or mole from faking out the system, many systems now require the user to smile, blink, or otherwise move in a way that is human before verifying.


The system can be used to compare the photograph taken when a person enters the premises, against  the images stored in the centralised security system.

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