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Intercom system

Audio and video door entry systems allow identification and screening of visitors. Intercoms can be used for a wide variety of applications from home user, multi – residential apartments and commercial premises.

Each intercom has a system handset that communicates with one or more entrance station(s) located beside the main entrance door(s).

Visitors press the appropriate entrance door station call button for the person that they would like to contact. The resident can then talk to the visitor and on video systems can see who is at the entrance on the video monitor (colour or black and white) on the handset.

Pressing a button on the handset will unlock the door for the visitor and optionally control lifts or garage doors.

Group Security Solutions is not tied to one manufacturer and a wide range of handset and entrance unit
models are available.


We do recommend the following Intercom systems based upon certain applications 


  • Aiphone intercom systems 

  • Biticino / Legrand intercom systems 

  • Kenwei digital intercom systems 

  • Hikvision IP intercom systems 

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