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Time & Attendance

Traditionally, gathering time and attendance data has been a complex, time consuming process, often producing inaccurate information.

By combining easy to use Biometric control software with world leading biometric hardware, we can increase the accuracy of staff time
and attendance at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

You can retrieve activity, validate staff shifts and export to your payroll system. It really is that simple! Instead of employees punching in a time-card or logging their attendance by hand, they simply place their finger on the Biometric fingerprint reader sensor, or flash a card in front of the proximity or HID card reader and our software does the rest. In secure situations we install Biometric facial time and attendance
recognition systems.

It is a simple solution that pays for itself over and over again by allowing your organisation to:

  • Automate payroll processing – Time and attendance data is transferred using an automated software

  • tool or exported

  • Eliminate buddy-punching

  • Eliminate time-cards

  • Eliminate early punch-ins

  • Eliminate unauthorized overtime

  • Eliminate hours of payroll calculations

  • Accurately reports employee time and attendance to Payroll and Human resources

We recommend the Suprema Time and Attendance system. 

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